To know the fibromyalgia initiatives in Belluno

BELLUNO. A silent and often known disease, but whose social and health impact is not negligible. The fibromyalgic syndrome, or fibromyalgia, in Veneto and the Belluno area has an incidence between 2 and 2.5%. Making a calculation, around 4,000 people are affected in the province, but only a small part is aware of the disease. «Diagnosis is not simple», explains Carla Dalla Stella, referent Aisf (Italian association fibromyalgic syndrome) Onlus for patients in the province of Belluno. «You are forced to proceed by exclusion and the syndrome is confirmed only when, in the presence of certain symptoms, there is no other evidence from diagnostic tests».

The fibromyalgic syndrome, whose diagnosis is usually made by a rheumatologist, is characterized by widespread chronic pain, sleep disorders, fatigue without apparent reason. These symptoms are associated with cognitive problems, such as short memory or speech deficits. The Aisf of Belluno, which has been active for 11 years and has about one hundred members, continues to work hard to make fibromyalgia known, “but there is still a lot to do at national level so that this pathology is recognized by the health system” , continues Dalla Stella who, concentrating his attention on the situation in the province, underlines how “the patients from Belluno still do not have a real point of reference”. Dalla Stella has been working for years, together with Gianniantonio Cassisi, UHS1 rheumatologist and Aisf advisor, to create in Belluno a clinic dedicated to those suffering from this disease. “The project, however, can not take off, especially for the difficulty of finding professionals who know the disease and want to make themselves available,” says Dalla Stella, who asks for a meeting at the direction dell’Usl Three years ago the fibromyalgia syndrome had been recognized by the Veneto regional council, but then the process has stalled.

“The pathology – which affects 90% of women, without age limits – has not yet been included in the essential levels of assistance”, adds Dalla Stella, “and we are working to make it happen”. Awareness-raising activity is also fundamental. Tomorrow, world day of fibromyalgia, the Belluno section will be present in via Mezzaterra, in Galleria Michelangelo, from 9 to 18, with an informative banquet and the solidarity bellflowers. In the afternoon practice of Tai Chi with Ezio Cherubin.

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