“Simply Fibromyalgia: Nobody”

Nobody knows

What is hidden
Behind my face,
What I feel in my body,
The times I cried,
The words that I have kept quiet
Nobody imagines
The days that I have had
That leave everything …
That I have not been able to continue standing,
How difficult it is
Having to give another excuse,
Because I do not know
If they will be able to understand …
The times I would like
Shout to the world
What I feel,
That they understand me
And do not believe
What do I want to attract attention
That they listen to me,
What do you believe,
Do not doubt,
That they understand me
No one knows how difficult it is
That my appearance is good
May the pain not be seen
See the doubt reflected in the look
Who says I do not have anything …
No one knows how much they affect
The words, the doubts, the incomprehension.
However I have decided
That I follow my path,
What stops me …
Thanks for who understands me.
Gloria García

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