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All people have bad days. Those are the days when you can not get up, you want to stay in bed, close your eyes and ask them to let you sleep. A sick person who has to live with fibromyalgia has 364 bad days. We will be optimistic and think that one day a year feels better.

Day to day living with fibromyalgia
One of my patients summarized the disease in one word: “griposa”. He told me that he always feels flu.

Always feel pain and discomfort throughout the body. Feel how your arms weigh and your joints hurt. When you get off the bed your feet do not want to touch the ground, they prefer to go back where they were. Getting up and going to the bathroom is torture. Little by little the feet are “warming up” and you can start to walk better. The same goes for the rest of the body.

If the affected person works, it is very difficult to keep up with the others. A mist pursues the patient. A tiredness

terrible invades all day and even make a photocopy becomes an insurmountable tower.

It’s like going to work, shopping or anywhere on the day you have the flu and your body does not work, just want to rest.

The incomprehension of the environment when living with fibromyalgia
Why others do not realize the suffering of a patient with fibromyalgia? I refer family, friends and doctor, who prefer to ignore their cries and their request for help.

The patient of fibromyalgia does not have a truce, although his day to day is terrible, his life can not stop. He continues to care for his family, continues to have obligations to his children, grandchildren and partner.

On Sundays his family continues to eat at home, but that moment, which is so sweet and special for anyone, becomes a very heavy burden. Spend the day waiting for the moment they leave and leave her alone, to be able to sit and rest.

Most people with fibromyalgia are women, but also men and many children are affected by the disease.

These women mourn for them and for the fate of their children, who have a mother who is always sick. A mother who can barely enjoy their children and take them to the activities they do outside of class.

The little help they receive from their family and especially the incomprehension of the disease, make a dent. Living with fibromyalgia further limits their faculties, already depleted by the daily pain.

It is necessary to change habits
The loss of memory and the forgetfulness of the words, cause that you do not remember what you have just read. You lose interest in sex with your partner. You avoid staying with those friends who were once important in your life. This loss of sociability is the result of a disease that takes away the will to live of the affected.

Advances in pharmacology are few and there are drugs that worsen the situation, stunning the patient. Its side effects are lethargy and drowsiness but with this we only get much more tired and not wanting to live.

Family is key to the recovery of the patient, but for this patient has really want to change your state of health, he should also strive to achieve that change.

A change of habits is the solution, especially eating habits.

A positive attitude, because the emotional part is also key in the recovery.

Do not hesitate any more and improve your quality of life.

The science of health and, consequently, nutrition in older words, is always in constant change and evolution and the advances and results are extraordinary.

The health authorities begin to inform these patients about the importance of nutrition in the resolution of the

disease. Even if healing is not achieved, large changes are seen at many levels.

A change in nutrition improves fibromyalgia
A intestine permeability recovered and got no dangerous pass into the bloodstream and therefore, the rest of the body toxic. Keeping our intestines in perfect health is key to preserve the
organism safe from infections and diseases such as fibromyalgia, migraine, irritable colon, lupus …
Articular pain improves, the painful contractures that invade the body disappear.
We improve at the stomach level avoiding heaviness, burning and discomfort after eating.
We increase the energy. Chronic fatigue is a disease that invalidates the patient and, together with the pain of contractures, makes his life a hell. Taking care of our diet we get to improve those symptoms.
The key is in the diet
To combat the effects of fibromyalgia it is very important to review our diet.

This does not mean to stop eating delicious foods. Many people when you talk about changing their diet to improve those pains, they get angry and they say no. They say they prefer to stay sick than to stop eating They are foods that they like so much. Simply substitute some of them for others more healthy and suitable. If you are diabetic you must change the eating habits that led you to be, only that way you can feel better.

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