A young man says in a video: “I did not kill myself, I killed fibromyalgia.” To what degree of despair can disease lead to this happening?

I was shocked, the video found on social networks when preparing a conference with the topic and title that head this column. A young Spanish man records a video in which he says “I did not commit suicide, I was killed by fibromyalgia”. To what degree of despair can disease lead to this happening? I can barely imagine it. Who is not in their shoes, is far from understanding it – like so many things in life that we think and judge, without having lived or experienced them. What I do know, is what I experienced as a doctor, faced daily with people with this situation. I also know what my patients achieved, those who took a quantum leap in the approach of their situation and accepted the challenge of life to change their course. They improved

So complex is fibromyalgia, that some doctors have suggested that it is not even a disease. It really is a syndromatic complex that involves multiple organs, systems and functions of the human being. Sleep disorder; depression, anxiety or other psychological symptoms; intestinal commitment; chronic fatigue; failures in attention, memory; urinary commitment; tingling in extremities; headache; finally what originates his name, generalized muscular pain, often incapacitating.

So complex is fibromyalgia that some doctors have suggested
that is not even a disease.
Your syndromat commits multiple organs, systems and functions

The pilgrimage by different doctors, specialties, institutions, uncured leads more to disappointment, frustration and anger than in other diseases. Hope slowly fades away, which makes it more painful and frustrating. (I speak not only of allopathic medicine, but also of the so-called alternative). Sure, undeniable, there are also people who relieve their symptoms, those of spontaneous healing have also seen them.

What I have observed is that the person who becomes aware of his life, of what is wrong, of the unsatisfactory and makes the decision to make profound changes in his lifestyle, improves. Especially who recovers what he loves, what he has always wanted to be and do. Who takes the reins of his life in his hands and decides for his own good and not just that of others. Decide for the love of oneself. He withdraws from what he feels is harmful to him and selects only what gives him comfort. Improvement. – No, it is not easy to leave a job with all the economic security it provides, but in which we work forced, with displeasure, reluctantly – and the same could be said about a couple, friendships, habits, addictions and many more.

I have observed without a doubt that returning to the path of long-delayed dreams is a healing factor. Courage and courage are required to do so, more if they are hidden beneath all the malaise that fibromyalgia produces. No, it is not a panacea, others fight for it and the pains continue to a greater or lesser degree.

This column of opinion, about an increasingly detected disease, serves to explain:

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