Fibromyalgia: a death “at a low fire” that almost three million Spaniards suffer

The president of the AFIBROM Fibromyalgia Association, Luisa Fernanda Panadero Gómez, affirms that this “invisible” disease is a death “at a slow fire” for the almost three million people who suffer it in Spain.

“Fibromyalgia is not seen, it suffers,” says Panadero in an article published this Friday in EFE signatures, on the occasion of the World Day of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome this Saturday, May 12, which indicates that This disease “is a reality that continues to grow, which does not understand social classes, cultural level, age, or cardinal point.”

“Fibromyalgia has gone from being a health problem to being a social problem. It affects 5.4% of the population, and 92.7% are women at risk of social exclusion, “Panadero warns.

The president of AFIBROM explains that “far from being psychological, as many have endeavored to make believe,” is a “neuroimmune” disease, which commits the entire body and can be translated into more than thirty different symptoms, among which the most invalidating are pain and chronic fatigue.

“Fibromyalgia is a chronic and invalidating disease of unknown cause and without effective treatment,” reaffirms Panadero, to call for an end to the stigmatization of those who suffer from it, systematically accused of “liars, complainers, neurotics, depressives, swindlers, victimizers …”

In his opinion, “the fact that the reality of this harsh disease has been denied for so long has caused irreparable physical and moral damage to many affected people”, while – he adds – “at the sanitary level, polymedication has been abused” creating “drug dependent persons”.

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